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780-251 - CT, Indoor, Model: 780, Ratio: 250:5 A, Single Phase, 10 kV BIL, Single Ratio, Rating Factor: 2.0, Window Diameter: 6.5
Model #: 780-251
Manufacturer: General Electric
Condition:   Factory New
Price:   Call
Stock:   Ordered
Testing:   Factory Test
Lead:   5 days
Warranty:   Factory
Condition:   Surplus
Price:   $223.75
Stock:   3
Testing:   Electrical Test
Lead:   1 days
Warranty:   12 Months
780-251 Current Transformer, Indoor, Model: 780, Ratio: 250:5 A, Single Phase, Insulation Level: 10 kV BIL Full Wave, Single Ratio, Rating Factor: 2.0, Relay Class C200; Window Diameter: 6.50 inches; for Relaying and Metering Applications
25.00 LBS
12 X 12 X 4
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