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S8V25DR4A480X ABB Sace S8 Frame 600vDC 2500 Amp Non Automatic Switch
Model #: S8V25DR4A480X
Manufacturer: ABB
Factory New
Condition:   Surplus
Price:   Call
Stock:   1
Testing:   Electrical Test
Lead:   1 days
Warranty:   12 Months
S8V25DR4A480X ABB Sace S8 Frame; 2500 Amps Current Rating; Molded Case Non Automatic Switch; Line and Load Side Rear Connectors; 120vAC Closing Release; 10A/10B Auxiliary Switch; 120vAC/125vDC Motor Operator; 24vDC Shunt Trip (Opening Release); No Undervoltage Release; no other accessories; 600Vac/Vdc Voltage Rating; mounted inside ABB Sace NEMA 1 Gasketed Indoor Enclosure
200.00 LBS
17 X 16 X 12
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